North America and Hong Kon Authorized Distrubuter of Maxonic Speaker Systems.

Maxonic by SRC. Co., Ltd.

History and roots

Maxonic was founded in 1932. Originally, the company was called Nihon Acoustic-Electric Co., Ltd. (NAEC) and it manufactured speaker units for movie theaters and public halls. In the 1970s NAEC started production of high-end audio equipments under the brand name, Maxonic. NAEC requested SRC Co., Ltd. to design and manufacture magnetic circuits for the Maxonic speaker units.

When the then President and Founder, Mr. Kobayashi of NAEC was killed in an airplane accident in 1985, NAEC was forced to suspend the design and production of the Maxonic high-end audio equipments. SRC also suspended its design of magnetic circuit for the high-end audio products.

In 2008, SRC decided to revive the Maxonic brand, faithfully following the design philosophy and technology of the original high-end audio equipments. SRC also adopted the technology of the field speaker system, a superior method for producing sounds remarkable for their quality and purity. All Maxonic speaker units incorporate the field speaker technology and are designed and produced by engineers who have a profound respect for not only the company’s pioneers but for the artists and sound engineers.

SRC’s philosophy is to design and create audio technology that will deliver the pure sound that is true to its original artistic intention.


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