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Concert Fidelity electronics are designed and built by hand in Japan in the best artisan traditions of the country with a perfectionist’s attention to detail and a purist’s pursuit of simplicity as the means to achieve the most musically authentic results.

Our products achieve circuit optimization and simplification through a deep understanding of audio circuits- what is essential versus what is best eliminated. Concert Fidelity does not implement a complex circuit that contains numerous compensatory components but rather tries to eliminate colorations of sounds by designing the circuits as simple as possible. Once you hear our sound, you will find it difficult to go back to the complex amplifiers with their colorations and limitations.

Concert Fidelity believes that the best sound to be reproduced with the tube electronics is the sound of tubes themselves and our amplifiers clearly reveal the difference of each tube in their sounds. The result is a sound “transparency”, allowing the source material to be reproduced in all its emotionally involving glory without hi-fi enhancements, artificial warmth, muddiness, distortion or glare

Concert Fidelity is passionate in its pursuit of excellence. We believe that discriminating listeners will notice the subtle design touches and readily hear the difference in expressive nuance, greatly enhancing the enjoyment of music.


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